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Mountain climbing

View:     Time: 2023-2-22 8:09:27

In order to reflect the corporate spirit of the company, enrich the employees' spare time life, enhance their sense of unity and cooperation, promote communication between employees, let employees relax, and improve collective cohesion and team spirit. On February 19, 2023, Dongguan Qinjin Industrial Co., Ltd. held a hiking activity to climb the main peak of Luofu Mountain. At 7:30 in the morning, the KGI company's hiking staff gathered from the company, took a bus to the foot of Luofu Mountain, and went to Feiyunding, the main peak of Luofu Mountain.

Along the way, we talked and laughed, united and cooperated, went out to enjoy the scenery, felt the breath of spring, shared the delicious food with each other, and had fun, which not only exercised our body, but also enhanced our friendship, and enhanced our will to fight hard and climb the peak. At 1:00 noon, all the people who participated in the hiking successfully climbed to the top of Feiyun Mountain. They could see the small mountains and the beautiful scenery of Luofu Mountain. When the company's flag was flying high on the top of Feiyun Mountain, everyone's face was filled with the joy of success. At the post station on the top of the mountain, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous lunch and then walked down the mountain, and returned to the company at 5:00 p.m.