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Women's Day

View:     Time: 2023-3-8 15:26:19

The plan of the year is spring. Spring always brings us dreams and hopes with its soft body and vigorous vitality. In March, the willows cling to the earth, spring returns to the earth, and everything recovers. March ushered in the bright spring, and also ushered in the most springtime festival for women.

On March 5, when the 113th International Women's Day was approaching, KGI held a 3.8 festival celebration and barbecue activity in Liyuzhou with the theme of "Together with beauty and love". At 8:00 a.m., 120 employees and family members of KGI Company set off from the company to the Liyuzhou Wharf. After arriving at the dock, everyone carried the barbecue materials prepared in the car onto the ferry, and let the ferry stagger to the opposite bank. In a flash, we arrived at Liyuzhou Island. At 8:40 in the morning, we boarded Liyuzhou Island safely, and the owner of the barbecue helped us deliver goods. We walked to the barbecue and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the island along the way. Liyuzhou is a sandbar island in the Dongjiang River. Because the sandbar looks like carp, the name of Liyuzhou is derived from it. It is very primitive here, and the green spirit can be seen everywhere. It is very leisurely here, and people live leisurely. There are more than 100 villagers living on the island, which is also a famous longevity village.

After the ceremony, everyone began to have a picnic and barbecue in free groups. Incredible delicious food, endless enjoyment. Everyone showed off their cooking skills. Even if it was burnt or salty, it was delicious to eat. Of course, many chefs were found among them. After all, experts are in the folk. We drank beer and drinks, enjoyed our own barbecue food, and spent a meaningful 3.8 and happy weekend with our family and colleagues.